“Never burn a bridge. Ever”

“Never burn a bridge. Ever. This world is small. That bridge will crumble you later if you burn it”.


This quote from “Stop with the BS” sums up well why I liked reading this book and recommend it: it’s about “relationships” and how we can all benefit from pursuing what we like.

Shane Mac, the author, wrote it on a train ride from Seattle to San Francisco and back, over two days in March 2010.

In my profession, I have been privileged to connect with a large number
of exceptional individuals. With those people, I share thoughts and keep a
constant dialogue on themes I like and consider connected to my satisfaction: leadership, relationship, unconscious misconceptions when talking about “career” and much more.

In reading Shane Mac’s book one gets a feel of refreshing “Gen Y”
approach to life (“Don’t settle”, “Learn, learn, learn”…) and a bit of the
great pleasure of travelling on a train across America.

Tommaso Arenare


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