This is about just three tweets

My first year on Twitter, what a wonderful experience…

I will share three tweets, out of about 700, an average of almost two per day.

I have devoted an entire post to my first tweet, hence I can avoid to start from it here.

On 4 December 2011, Prime Minister Monti had been in the role for less than 20 days. He held his first press conference in the role, highlighting the Italian Government’s initial emergency measures to be put in place. We will remember this as a milestone moment in the history of the European Union, Italy will remain grateful to Professor Monti’s courage and dedication. I like to remember that “only the brave” would then feel that “Italy would make it”:

Rita Levi Montalcini, a Nobel laureate and a pioneer of #diversity, is an Italian lady that makes us all proud. She escaped from fascism, returned, won the nobel prize, was appointed senator for life, turned one hundred and three on 22 April.

Celebrating her is also celebrating a phenomenal year for Italy (and possibly for Europe) in enhancing gender diversity at board level and establishing new best practice in corporate governance.

We will need female talent and leadership ever more. Here’s my tweet on Rita Levi Montalcini:

It’s difficult to limit the focus to three tweets out of almost seven hundred.

History happened, initially rather unnoticed, on 26 July. The Mario Draghi speech on “whatever it takes” deserves a full read, in its original version.

This is a moment when a larger than ever number of people realised that the Euro zone is already a political entity and that it is here to stay. #moreEurope:

Tommaso Arenare